Hrabina, J., Lazar, J., Hola, M., Cip, O. (2020)

ホーム フォーラム 掲示板 Hrabina, J., Lazar, J., Hola, M., Cip, O. (2020)

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    <p>We provide outcomes of investigation and comparing of spectral homes of molecular iodine transitions on the spectral region of 514.7 nm that are compatible with laser beam volume stabilization and metrology of length. 8 Doppler-broadened transitions that had been not studied in detail just before have been explored with the help of volume tripled Yb-doped roughage lazer, and a few of the most promising outlines were definitely studied in great detail with possibility of making use of them in volume stabilization newest lazer principles. The spectral homes of hyperfine parts (linewidths, signal-to-noises rate) were in contrast to transitions that will be recognized and generally employed for stabilization of rate doubled Nd: YAG laser light on the 532 nm place with the exact same molecular iodine intake. The outer rate doubling set up with waveguide crystal as well as Yb-doped roughage lazer is usually quickly described alongside the noticed outcome of laser growing old.</p>

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