How to Start a Commercial Fish Farm Business

ホーム フォーラム 掲示板 How to Start a Commercial Fish Farm Business

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    In the whole cost, feed can occupy a large part because of the high price, average up to 50%-60%, some even up to about 70%. Therefore, lowering fish feed cost is very significant for better economic benefits. Here, FANWAY provides several points to help decrease the cost, such as breeding superior quality fingerlings, keeping good water quality, preventing disease, feeding fish properly, ensuring nutrition, and most importantly, producing feed by your own via feed pellet ma

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    In order to know how to start a commercial fish farm, farmers need to analyze the market, be cautious about site selection, persist in the principle of scientific design and strict construction quality control, and carry out high-efficiency management mode

    Suarez says that diversification can be of great help in a portfolio that contains only crypto assets.
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    So FANWAY suggests confirm the reasonable trash volume after finding out the basic requirement of fish type, survival rate and scheduled output. Please choose the fish feed conforming to the safety requirements of non-environmental pollution aquatic products, without non-standard feed additives.
    Proper feeding can be helpful for checking fish feeding situation, feeding place cleaning, degassing and fish disease prevention, which has great significance in improving feeding effic

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